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This is a music video that almost never left our computers. We worked and worked (and then reworked and reworked) and could not get it to come together. After months of tweaks, an unfinished version was leaked, reposted on fan blogs and featured on Rolling Stone before being pulled, shelved, and finally officially released. Thank you, MODEST MOUSE for letting us create this bizarre alien landscape. We're grateful it is out in the world (and we promise we had nothing to do with that leak).

Directed by: The Saline Project, Adam Toht
Starring: Isaac Brock 
Alien performances by: Adam Toht
Produced by: The Saline Project, Ben Toht
Isaac Brock Cinematography: Justin Francis

Alien Cinematography: Jesse Roff
Alien Assistant Camera: Philip Kang
Editing by: Adam Toht, Philip Kang, Ben Toht
Lead Compositor: Adam Toht
Compositing: Jake Guttormsson, Ben Toht
Alien dance choreography and instrumentation: Ben Toht
Design: Adam Toht, Jesse Roff, Jake Guttormsson
Lead 3d: Jesse Roff
3d Animation by: Jake Guttormsson
2d Animation by: Adam Toht, Jake Guttormsson, Ben Toht
Modeling: Philip Kang, Jake Guttormsson, Andy Guttormsson, Jesse Roff
Music Video Reps:
Robin Frank + Jen Herrera

Music by: Modest Mouse
Label: Sony BMG Music Entertainment / Epic Records
Commissioned by: Danny Lockwood



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