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Filmed in LA and the Serengeti, this commercial played during the SUPER BOWL immediately before Jacoby Jones returned the second half kickoff for 108 yards, tying the longest runback in NFL history. Everyone on Twitter joked that he must’ve been wearing SKECHERS. Such a pleasure to work with the brilliantly creative minds of SILTANEN AND PARTNERS, who probably had it all planned from the beginning. 

Not pictured: The incomparable Jordan James Smith cheerfully performing about fifty flying tackles on a green-screen dummy.

Also not pictured: A talented team of prop makers creating realistic cheetah legs in less than 48 hours.

Directed by: The Saline Project, Adam Toht + Ben Toht
Starring: Jordan James Smith
Agency: Siltanen & Partners
Executive Producer: Jason Dennis
Director of Photography:
Barry Norwood
Editor: Tommy Park
Additional Editing: Ben Toht
Casting Director: Vicky Goggin
Visual effects: The Saline Project
Lead compositor: Adam Toht
Compositing: Eric Epstein, Ben Toht
Lead 3d: Jesse Roff
3d animation: Arut Tantasirn
Rigging: Oyvind Nostdal

Chief Creative Office: Rob Siltanen
Creative Director: Joe Hemp
Creative Director: Rex Fish


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