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This was a big one for us. THE ROOTS let us attempt to bridge the gap between alternative videos and glitzy high-end hip hop videos. Check out the VFX split-screen here. And check out the concept that they almost went with HERE (which would have been so killer— though we love love love the video we ended up making!)

Directed by: The Saline Project, Adam Toht + Justin Francis
Production company: HSI Productions
Producer: Scott Edelstein
Director of Photography: Tom Marvel
Production Designer: Alex Pacion
Edited by: Adam Toht, Justin Francis
Production Manager: Emily Branham
Lead Compositor: Adam Toht
Compositing: Marco Giampaolo, Jake Guttormsson, Brent Chesanek
Lead 3d: Jesse Roff
3d artists: Alex Topaller, Dan Shapiro
Music Video Reps: Robin Frank + Jen Herrera

Artist: The Roots
Label: Geffen Records

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