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A dream video inspired by our actual dreams. Filmed in Los Angeles and designed in Brooklyn, this is one of our all time favorites. An absolute honor to make something for THE CURE. Thank you thank you thank you ROBERT SMITH and crew.

Directed by: The Saline Project, Adam Toht+Justin Francis

Production Company: HSI Productions

Producer: Scott Edelstein

Production Manager: Emily Branham 

Director of photography: Matthew Libatique

Director of photography: Justin Francis

Assistant Director: Micael Estrella

Production Designer: Alexander Pacion

Edited by: Brent Chesanek, Justin Francis, Adam Toht

Lead Compositor: Adam Toht

Compositing: Jake Guttormsson, Brent Chesanek, Ben Toht

Lead 3d: Jesse Roff

3d Animation: Jesse Roff, Jake Guttormsson 

2d Animation:  Adam Toht, Jake Guttormsson, Brent Chesanek

2d Artists: Adam Toht, Jesse Roff, Jake Guttormsson, Brent Chesanek, Ben Toht

Music Video Reps: Robin Frank + Jen Herrera


Artist: The Cure

Label: Geffen Records

Published by: BMG Music Publishing Ltd. 

Commissioner: Nicole Ehrlich

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